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about Sirius Web Development

We offer excellent hosting, design, and programming services for companies who wish to establish or build upon their existing Internet presence, at a reasonable cost. Our portfolio demonstrates the effectiveness of our combined skills.

We'll be happy to provide references for any type of service we offer.

Mike Kelly

Mike designed his first website, Roomie.com, in 1997. Roomie.com was a roommate referral service he owned with his brother (and programmer) Ed until 2001. The puppets that you see on this site originally guided people through the process of finding a roommate.

Soon after Roomie.com went "live", Mike joined Sirius and has created dozens of websites ever since.

Mike's website.

Ed Kelly

Ed has been programming ever since 1986, when his mom bought him his first computer, the Radio Shack TRS-80. Today he is the webmaster for over a dozen websites, as well as the interface programmer for ePersonals.com.

His language of choice for Internet applications is PHP. He also runs the two Sirius servers.

Ed's website.
 What is Sirius?
Sirius is a network of freelance professionals offering a variety of skills and digital-related services since 1995. We are located in New York, Princeton, and Seattle.
G. Philippe Menos
Special Projects

Philippe inspired the original Sirius Digital Archiving collaboration in 1996. Since then a team of freelancers has grown into a full service company offering web and systems development, digital archiving, and internet hosting. Philippe brings skills in software development, systems administration, and project management to our team.

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