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Scanning and OCR/ICR Data Conversion

Our technicians use high-speed document scanners as well as large format scanners to convert your paper documents to electronic/optical media either on-site or at our premises.

Test images are compared to work out the optimal scan settings (threshold, resolution, aspect ratio, dot pitch, etc.) for each project.

In additionn to scanning, we offer low-cost, high-quality services in optical character recognition (OCR) of printed text as well as intelligent character recognition of handwritten text.

Our skilled but inexpensive conversion technicians specilaize in OCR/ICR and indexing techniques for the efficient conversion of millions of images; manage your archive of documents by deploying our turnkey database solution.

We offer manually-assisted OCR/ICR cleanup to convert the scanned image into a file of ASCII characters, a Microsoft&reg Word document, a database of records, or an Adobe PDF file, thus minimizing your need for data entry and lowering your disk space requirements for document and data storage.

Our strict Qaulity Control processes ensure accuracy rates of 99.5% and higher!

Please contact us to discuss about our very low rates for document scanning and conversion.
Competetive Rates

Our rates schedule for scanning and OCR/ICR services vary according to the methodology we use, which depends on your requirements for the level of accuracy in character recognition and conversion.

As of November 15, 1999

Software OCR only, using Adobe Acrobat
70 – 72%
$0.06 – $0.07
Softward OCR only, using Prime Recognition
80 – 85%
Software OCR plus Manual Correction
$0.45 – $0.50

Please note that "one" page consists of about 2000 – 2500 characters.

Actual rates may vary according to the quality and clarity of your documents. Please send us a sample of your documents for a free sample conversion and a specific quotation based on your requirements for accuracy.

Contact us for more information:

By Email: info@siriuslink.com
By the Web: Contact Form
By Fax: 609 935.0616