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Privacy Policy will not sell or rent your name or personally identifiable information to anyone, except by court order. does not use "cookies" or other technologies to read information from your computer or browser.

We value the relationships we develop with our clients. To better preserve these alliances, we maintain a stringent privacy policy.

  1. We will never sell, rent or in any other manner share any personal information we may, during the course of our association, collect about your company or any employees or other representatives. This includes information that may be publicly available, such as your address.
  2. All information in our company database related to you is kept in absolute confidence. If any of this information is needed to provide you with a contractor, any discussions of your company will be done with your knowledge and approval.
  3. We do not read information from your hard disk when you come to our web site. These so called "cookies" are an intrusion into the contents of your computer, including a wide array of information that you may be reluctant to share. Web sites can look into your computer and see what other sites you have been searching. While some cookies can be very useful, (remembering your settings when you return to a site), the industry practice of peering into users’ computers without disclosing their actions is reprehensible. There are no guidelines on what information may be accessed. The policing of this behavior is left to individual companies. We refuse to use cookies without your knowledge and approval.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our privacy policy.